Produced by The Nest Collective

This unique and intoxicating night-time outdoor experience brings guests ear-tinglingly close to these majestic and endangered birds, offering a unique opportunity for deep listening with the natural world through this exotic and romantic display. Singing with Nightingales connects wonderful music, community, nature and mystery, and celebrates this very African bird that summers in England – one of our many musical migrants.

Each night is presented by a carefully chosen host

Enjoy time with the carefully selected host who are knowledgeable on the ways of the woods, and able to enlighten you with ornithological learnings. During each experience a world-renowned guest musician from the folk, classical, world music and jazz arenas will perform.

An intimate evening is spent around the fire

Delving into rare songs and stories, and sharing a filling supper, the small group then walks silently into the darkness, entering the nightingale’s habitat.