‘Take it All’ – The Third Single form the Upcoming Album ‘Trust in the Path’ to be released in the end of 2022.

I received this song on a trek in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen –  seated by a waterfall in the enchanted Vale do Pati in the Chapada Diamantina National Park of Bahia, Brazil. As the water pounded on the rocks and trickled down as a silver stream with dappled sunlight falling on the ground and butterflies and hummingbirds around, I felt the presence of the divine perfection and harmony in all the natural world. 

Then, feeling myself, my physical body and consciousness, as an integral part of this natural whole, and also perceiving the imbalances and inconsistencies in my own mind, body, and soul .. the things that prevent me from feeling this pristine, pure, eternal nature of my own being … there arose within me a prayer, a kind of exhortation, directed towards whatever divine forces, energies or consciousness there might be all around and within me, a prayer to ‘Take it All’ and to purify me, so as to realise and manifest my higher Self and my higher calling on this Earth. 

Sitting silently by the rocks I started to hear this prayer forming as a song … gently at first, then more insistently .. the words of the verses tumbling over each other like the bubbling waters of the stream, as a feeling of oneness and surrender arose within me.

Singing this song takes me back to that magical time and place, and also reminds me in my life to always move in the direction of purification, of letting go, of gratitude, of forgiveness, and of the peace that arises when I allow myself to feel the holy presence of each sacred moment. 

I offer this song as a prayer for the liberation of all sentient beings, that we may all believe in the possibility of redemption, and support each other on this sacred path of transformation.

Listen to the track here:


Musicians & Instruments
Adrian Freedman – Voice / Guitar / Shakuhachi / Djembe / Shaker
Misha Mullov Abbado – Double Bass
Michael Stanton – Guitar

Recorded and produced by A. Freedman

Mixed by A. Freedman & Nils Noa at Nixi Music Studios, Oslo, Norway

Mastered by Jock Loveband at Urban Sound Studio, Oslo, Norway