Dear Music Friends,

Thank you for all your support in 2018, which has been a wonderful year for the unfolding and sharing of music.

musicians on stage

Sam Lee, Chartwell Dutiro and Adrian Freedman

Wonderful musical collaborations with Amir Paiss, Sudeep, Darpan and Maureenji in Australia;
with Esoh and Ema, Hiroki Okano and Yo Mikami in Japan;

with Rowan and Ravi at Colourfest & Spiritfest… with Dirk and Estelle in Muizenberg,
South Africa… with Homa and Erik in Zenhouse Oslo,  with Kiku and with all the
World Shakuhachi Festival folks.

with Ayla Schaffer, Michael Stanton, Matthew Barley, Sam Lee, Charwell Dutiro, Tao Txana, Nigel Shaw, Rowan Sterk, Iwan Kushka and others in the UK.

Tao Txana & Adrian Freedman

Thanks to Gabi, Andy, Modesto for all the work you do for my website and related platforms. After 50 years of making music in so many different forms, it feels so good to have your support in getting it flowing out there …

2018 saw the release of two new albums, As I Breathe and Night Journey.
Special thanks to Matthew Barley and all the other musicians on these collaboration albums.

In the middle of last year I was contacted by a music blogger based in China, Joanne Chen. She had heard my music and wanted to interview me for her blog. We opened a dialogue that touched upon some of the deeper aspects of music-making. The fruits of that interview can be heard here.

Also on Youtube there is a selection of new video clips from various musical collaborations.
In 2019 there will be a short European tour of solo shakuhachi concerts and workshops in Rotterdam, Berlin, Krakow, Wrocław and Paris.
More Singing with Nightingales with Sam Lee, more collaborations with Esoh, Ema, Hiroki and Yo in Kansai, Japan… more musical adventures with the Anjali Ensemble, and a new project in Kamakura with a the wonderful contemporary shakuhachi player Sabu Orimo.

Anjali Ensemble with Rowan Sterk, Iwan Kushka and Adrian Freedman


Right now the Lotus Rising album is the next project to bring to conclusion and, even though it’s been a long sprawling journey over the past few years to get decent recordings for these 44 songs, with always more coming along the way…the end now seems to be in sight.  Ayla Schafer and Michael Stanton are massive help and inspiration to record the remaining songs, and as I am currently in Bahia, Brazil, I hope to finish recordings of the songs that have Brazilian Portuguese words with friends here in Vale do Capão.

I created a preview playlist of 8 songs from the Lotus Rising songbook album, as a work in progress.

To listen to the Playlist, click here.

1. Sacred Throne
2. Kokoro
3. Unravel
4. Bhaisajyaguru
5. Alchemical Gold
6. Fortaleza
7. Light of Buddha
8. The Eternal Way

PS. For folks coming to my site looking for my shakuhachi music, these simple circle songs from Lotus Rising might come as a surprise … it’s another side of my musical life … songs from song-circle ceremonies and meditation gatherings that have links to ancient practices of devotional singing, and sacred / healing / forest music, inspired by travels in Brazil as well as India and Japan. Some of the songs have words in English and others are in Brazilian Portuguese,  while some have words from Tibetan, Sanskrit or Japanese mantras.

These songs/chants/hinos are not ‘composed’ as a song might be, but are rather ‘received’ in the moment from the spiritual currents in which they arise, as musical-poetic messages, from the spiritual dimension, a mysterious process which I don’t really understand… it just happens .. it is different from ‘composing’ a song, yet touches upon similar aspects of the  inspiration process.

Similarly, for folks that only know me from song circles, and are already familiar with these songs and chants,  it may come as a surprise to find all these other musical collaborations and projects…

Well, all seems to come from the same source … breath, melody, spirit, wind, heart, universe … enjoy!