We are launching a new series of videos of Adrian playing the piano. Simple arrangements of his medicine songs. Recorded in the hills of Portugal, on a 100 year old grand piano that had sat untouched.

First in a series, Bhaisajaguru, #9 from the Lotus Rising Songbook.

Music composed and performed by Adrian Freedman.

This piece was recorded on a 19th Century Chappell grand piano.
In the Autumn of 2020, I found myself in a rented accommodation on the Portuguese coast with a neglected grand piano in the living room. I think it was happy to receive some love and I enjoyed playing this piece on this venerable instrument, even though there are a few bumps and squeaks in the mechanics of the sound.
Bhaiṣajyaguru is the Medicine Buddha or Medicine King.
He is depicted with face and skin as dark blue color. He carries a box containing his medicine – compassion and wisdom. His mantra is said to have the power to overcome all types of suffering.
This is a piano arrangement of song N9 from Adrian Freedman’s Lotus Rising songbook, of medicine songs.
You can find the songbook here
You can find the original song here.


Camera by Gabriela Dworecki Domingues, Portugal 2020.