‘Astral Dawn’ is the first release from the upcoming Kindred Souls album. It is also the first official release for any of the 150 songs Adrian has received in medicine ceremonies and sacred song circles over the past 20 years. Although he has in this time released 10 highly polished albums of instrumental music for shakuhachi and ensemble, it is on this track that Adrian introduces us for the first time to another side of his musical soul – singing, playing guitar and sharing his simple heartfelt lyrics in a musical prayer for peace.

Combining stunning guitar melodies with floating vocal harmonies, ‘Astral Dawn’ is an uplifting piece of folk music with a lyrical message about staying positive in troubled times:

“In these pressing times we are all facing on planet Earth at the moment, it feels important that we own our shadow energies and do not flinch in the face of the very real challenges we face, and yet at the same time we must not lose sight of our highest ideals, of our connection to the essential purity of nature, and to the transformative power of love, peace and sacred flow. Astral Dawn speaks directly to these highest aspirations, as an affirmation of the new light that greets us each and every new day.”

‘Astral Dawn’ features Adrian with the beautiful voices of Ayla Schafer and Susie Ro, the glittering sounds of the African kora, played by Ravi Freeman, the bubbling rhythms of the Indian dholak drum played by Arjun Magee, and by the sonorous tones of leading jazz double bassist Misha Mullov-Abbado.

The Kindred Souls album features international musicians from five continents – musicians that Adrian has encountered and collaborated with on his travels around the world. Musicians like him who have been drawn to all forms of music from various traditions and cultures, and that have been called to play instruments from outside their own native cultures.

The album will be released by Nixi Music on June 18th 2021

Listen here!