Deep Space Blue – Nils Olav Remix



“My musical world enters new horizons as Nils Olav releases his electronic dance remix of the acoustic track Deep Space Blue from the Kindred Souls album.

I must confess I have mixed feelings about electronic music – I spent some time in the 90’s getting deeply immersed into writing electronic soundtracks for contemporary dance groups, creating many computer samples of acoustic sounds and using them to craft multi-layered electronic soundscapes.

But I came out the other side of that particular journey feeling unsatisfied with what could be achieved in terms of musical phrasing and the living breathing ‘feel’ of music created by machines and computers.

I came to understand that for myself, for my own taste and my sensibilities, electronic music would always be lacking in some crucial sense.

However I also came to understand that it is hugely popular in its multi-faceted forms, it has an indispensable role to play in modern culture, and that there is an enormous range of electronic music, from the most simplistic repetitive loops to some extremely sophisticated productions.

Friends of mine and my own teenage children have helped to widen my horizons, and as time moves on I find myself getting more mellow and open-minded about these things.

I am still dedicated in my own projects to working with acoustic instruments, but I find myself open and curious about remixes and collaborations that re-interpret acoustic tracks through an electronic music lens.

And so I welcome this remix by Nils Olav, happy to know that it brings fresh inspiration to a new audience of listeners.”

Listen to the remix at Spotify clicking HERE