Introducing the band “East Whistle” and their special brand of innovative, dynamic music. With Adrian Freedman, Hugh Nankivell, Joe Townsend, Melissa Holding. East Whistle were a four-piece acoustic folk-fusion band that toured the world from 1990 – 1995 playing eclectic arrangements of Celtic, Eastern European and Japanese folk music.

The band originated in Kyoto, Japan, where Adrian Freedman and Melissa Holding lived in the early 1990’s, immersed in the study and performance of traditional Japanese music.
Adrian and Melissa later joined forces with Hugh Nankivell (guitar) and Joe Townsend (fiddle).

The name of the group, East Whistle, came from a trip that Adrian and Hugh took on the Train Siberian Railway in 1991, crossing China, Mongolia and the USSR with the sound of the train whistle piercing the night as they whiled away the time playing music and songs together.
East Whistle performed in Japan, Europe and America, including Minoya Hall, Osaka, Black Mountain Festival, North Carolina, and Krakow Folk Festival, Poland.

The band made several albums including “Three Fishes”, “Hat But No Shoes” and “Landlocked”. “Locust In The Beehive” was their 4th studio album, recorded in London in 1994.

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