Fresh Encounters With Kindred Souls – Ana Tipi

The Kindred Souls album, released on 18/06/21, features intuitive musical encounters between 20 international musicians and Adrian, recorded on his travels around the world.

This series of magical encounters continues in an open ended flow, as Adrian continues to weave his musical way with fresh kindred souls, as the world turns.

Below you can enjoy this work with the great musician Ana Tippi:

Light Of The Glade

Music for shakuhachi and ngoni composed and performed by Ana Tippi and Adrian Freedman

Ana Tippi – Ngoni
Adrian Freedman – Shakuhachi

Adrian is a musician and composer specialising in the Japanese Zen shakuhachi flute. He spent 7 years in Japan studying the shakuhachi and loves to create musical collaborations with other instruments and artists.

Ana Tippi shares songs from the heart, gifts from Nature, prayers to the Earth and to Spirit. She shares her music as a prayer and a way to connect with the essence of Life.

The Ngoni comes from Western Africa, traditionally was played by storytellers in polyrhythmic melodies.
It’s an instrument originally made with a pumpkin shell, animal skin and fishing line and is played in pentatonic scale.
This one is a different model, created by an Argentinian artist (Duciel Instrumentos Musicales) made in wood, creating a smooth and crystalline sound.

Recorded and Produced by A. Freedman
Camera by Gabriela Dworecki Domingues
Monchique, Portugal, October 2020

Ana Tippi Music: