Kindred Souls Sunday Sessions is a series of 5 online live events led by Adrian Freedman and hosted by Brightskycommunity⁠, introducing some of the International musicians that feature on his new album (which is released 18th June).

⁠In this series of Sunday afternoon sessions, Adrian will introduce the artists, chat with them about their music and the project, and invite them to play and sing for us.⁠

Each of the five 90-minute events will feature different musicians, joining us from Japan, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, Czech Republic, the UK and other places.⁠

The Kindred Souls Project explores questions about the musician’s quest for identity and expression within healing and sacred music traditions, and about finding the balance between respecting tradition whilst allowing innovation to flow.

Join us for a celebration of music as the universal language of the heart, transcending time and space and cultural boundaries.

Enjoy discussions, stories and songs that explore the integrative power of music and community.

We will be LIVE on FB and you can join us around the virtual fire.

For more information and to join the sessions click here

Watch the Past Sessions Streaming Records Below:

May 16 – Sam Lee + Yurai

May 23 – Maureenji + Pavel Sedlacek

May 30 – Adnan Agha + Adriano Machado + Tao Txana