The video for “Rainha das Águas” was released today, July 2nd.

“Rainha das Águas” is a beautiful healing song in honor of the Queen of The Waters, Yemanjá; I received this song in 2007 in the spirit of Brazilian healing music, with words originally in Portuguese. It is a gift. A gift that, like the sea, purifies our being and our interior where all shadows live waiting for light.

Also discover the courageous journey of Luma Utimura, the film’s director, who received her call as a beautiful challenge, as a pure source of creativity and inspiration. Thus, she composed a true work of art, which uses the theater of our hearts as a stage, through a unique and beautiful film, composed of scenes that exalt the feminine spirit that inhabits each one of us.

And none of this would be possible without the help of special partners. Guilherme Meneghelli, whom I met at the most beautiful wedding of all in Floripa last year, and who entered this project with his sensitive eye, capturing Luma’s vision on video, allowing us to commune with this creative flow from the blue waves to the our own hearts.

All of this was done for one purpose: to open the way in our hearts for the Queen of All, the Universal Queen, to come and heal us.

Special thanks to Gabriela Dworecki Domingues for all her help and inspiration in taking the Rainha das Águas project off the ground and manifesting it so beautifully, along with all the other countless ways in which she continues to take care of my music as she finds new audiences.”



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