We are very happy to anounce the partnership with the great Nixi Music Label!

Nixi Music where founded by Brazilian Txai Fernando and Norwegian Nils “Noa” Lausund. Txai is a multi instrumentalist & producer of enchanted world music with a vast musical influence. Nils has dedicated his life working as a Dj, producer, A&R and artist booker. Coming from two very different backgrounds, this might not seem like the most natural collaboration. But their mutual love for music with ancient roots and spiritual touch bridged a unique bond between them. Nixis vision and philosophy is to unite the new with the old across different musical genres.
And to be a home where possibilities flows and inspiration arises for our artists. Its rather the intention than the sounds that are the driving force behind it all. Besides digital distribution the label can offer solid A&R service to the artists and music studio services with everything from mixing to full album productions on a professional level.