The release of the new album
Trust In The Path opens a new chapter in my musical journey, as it is the first studio-produced album of the 160 medicine songs I have received over the past 25 years.

What does ‘medicine song’ mean, and what does it mean to ‘receive’ a song?

Medicine Music is a newly emerging genre of music, featuring songs  that come from ceremonies with plant spirit medicines or other sacred healing traditions. These songs carry messages of transformation, emotional and mental cleansing, connection to nature and connection to spirit. 

‘Receiving’ a song for me is different from composing something, it is more like channelling – a process of opening to allow something to come through that wishes to be expressed from within the living current of the healing processes taking place in sacred ceremonies.  As a result the medicine songs have a simple, repetitive nature that makes them easy to sing and to share. 


I always felt that the healing songs I received in these ceremonies were something intimate, not really for public sharing. But the times are changing, Medicine Music is becoming something that many people are searching for, to connect to their healing frequencies. So it feels the time is right for me to literally ‘Trust in the Path’, removing resistance and allowing the different streams of my musical and spiritual journey to unify into one flowing river. 

6 Spirit Of The Ancestors

These songs are intimate messages and prayers that I have received in the deepest folds of my heart. They’ve guided my steps through the transformative years I have been walking on a spiritual path and a medicine path. Simple songs on themes of light, hope, beauty, healing growth and transformational flow. Echoes of the ancient wisdom teachings of the forests and of sacred traditions from East and West, embodied in new melodies and lyrics.

On the album  I am joined by Misha Mullov-Abbado on double bass, Mike Stanton on guitar and Green on percussion. 


I hope these songs connect on some level with you. The album can be downloaded from the shop here, and if you listen to the tracks on Youtube please leave comments – I love to read feedback and to have the chance to respond to listeners.

Listen/Buy the album here: