As the full bloom of Spring/Summer is upon us, I am writing to let you know about my new album, As I Breathe.

Each new album release feels like the birth of a child. This is the sixth album on the Eternal Heart Music label, and although it’s difficult to have favourites among children, I do especially love this one.

The title As I Breathe refers in a general sense to the daily miracle of breathing that keeps me alive and connected to other living beings on this planet, more specifically it refers to the music that is born when I breathe into the shakuhachi, trumpet, recorder, Thai khene and other wind instruments.

The album brings together recordings with these wind instruments in one place for the first time. It also brings together some of the musicians from around the world that I have worked with over the years. The mood is spacious and expressive, and uplifting.

Listen to excerpts from the album here:

As I Breathe – Album

Read more about the album tracks here:

As I Breathe – Project Notes


I will be playing with the Anjali Ensemble (with Rowan Sterk, Ravi Kora and Iwan Kushka) for two nights at Bowden House later this month.

More details here:

Upcoming Events