Hello World … this is the first post on this new site.

Thank you so much to Andy, Modesto, Gabriela and Mudge for your support, inspiration and dedication in creating this new site.. its been a labour of love…

Thank you to Noriko for the beautiful illustrations… and thank you Great Spirit – source of all the music and of every breath.

The site is launched with a new shakuhachi film, Seijaku, made in Kyoto at Eiun-In temple by filmmaker Christopher Fryman.

In March I’m going to be giving a some concerts in Japan with Hiroki Okano, Kenji Mikami, Esoh & Ema and others.

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In a few weeks time I’m going to release my new album, As I Breathe, which you can read about here:

Learn more about As I Breathe Album

The beauty of music is that it is both the source of creation and the means of absorbing it. In other words, by music the world was created, and by music it is withdrawn again into the source which has created it.
Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Master