Zen is defined by a heightened sense of Presence. An awareness of life unhindered by fixed, limited or conditioned thoughts and feelings, but rather an intuitive, meditative flow that is open to the infinite flux of consciousness.


This allows an experience of life that is both full and empty at the same time. 

One’s own sense of Self is experienced as an empty vessel, able to contain the very fullness of life’s experience. 


This idea of ‘Emptiness’ is condensed in one of the most famous Zen teachings, the Heart Sutra, which explains that no thing — including human existence itself — is permanent and no thing is totally independent of everything else.  In other words, everything in this world is interconnected and in constant flux.  A deep appreciation of this idea of emptiness thus saves us from the suffering caused by our egoic attachments, and our resistance to change.


Such a way of perceiving or interpreting life could be seen to be dry, detached or unemotional. However in this case non-attachment should not be seen as a sterile experience, but rather a deeply rooted connection to the heart itself, the home of compassion and the foundation of the Boddhisattva vow to liberate all sentient beings from suffering through radiating healing heart vibrations of presence, stillness and flow.


Hence Zen Heart implies a very warm, human heartfelt experience.

And this music of the Zen Heart is offered as a stream of healing melodies to bring the listener into the heart, fully present and fully alive in celebration and affirmation of the fleeting yet richly abundant nature of life.


The music set Zen Heart on my Youtube Channel has been compiled to reflect this subtle heart-opening mood. The music is perfect for meditative and healing practices such as yoga and meditation, as well as a more general mood of deep relaxation and journeying through inner landscapes.


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