Adrian and Hiroki Okano first performed together at a Temple concert in Kyoto in 1994. Recently they have come together after a 20 year gap, to create a series of new concerts and recordings in Japan, together with other musicians including didgeridoo player Kenji Mikami and Japanese balafon player Yao.

Hiroki Okano fuses together natural sounds and digital sounds with the sounds of various folk instruments from around the world. He has released over 20 albums both as a soloist and in collaboration with other musicians. Currently Hiroki is passionately performing his compositions at sacred spots and natural heritage sites around the world.

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Adrian Freedman and shakuhachi on stage with Hiroki Okano and Kenji Mikami
Hiroki Okano, Silhouette. Image Supplied by the musician Projects
Shakuachi, didgeridoo and native american Indian flute. Image supplied by the musician.