Kindred Souls is a collaboration between Adrian Freedman and 20 other musicians from five continents. These are musical encounters of the heart – natural, spontaneous connections made with musicians around the planet.

The album wíll be released by Nixi Music in June 2021
featuring musicians from
Czech Republic,
and the UK.

The sound of Adrian’s Zen shakuhachi is heard like a musical thread weaving through all the other colours and textures of the Kindred Souls album.

Other musicians and instruments include Eosh and Ema from the Japanese group Yurai,  playing didgeridoo and Chinese erhu; Adriano Machado from Brazil who plays the North African bendir; Adnan al-Mari from Syria playing buzuq; Neo-shamans Darpan from Australia and Kuauhtli from Mexico; young virtuoso handpan player Pavel Sedlacek from the Czech Republic; singers Ayla Schafer and Susie Ro from the UK; Maureenji from Ibiza; Tao from Turkey and Yao from Japan; Elina Rodevic and Sigmund Vatvedt from Norway  on violín and dilruba; Ravi Freeman on West African kora; Hiroki Okano on kalimba; Arjun Magee on lndian dholak, Misha Mullov Abbado on double bass, Sam Lee on shruti and Nick Barbar keyboards and programming. The album also features a unique duet between a Nightingale and the shakuhachi flute.

The ‘Kindred Souls’ of this project are musicians like Adrian who have been drawn to world music, meditation music, medicine music and devotional music from various traditions around the world. The encounters between these musicians and Adrian reflect a spontaneous, intuitive musical flow, in which music is celebrated as a universal language of the heart, transcending cultural boundaries.

Some of the recordings are from the studio and some from live perfomances.
The Kindred Souls musicians share a sense of adventurous spirit, spontaneity, intuitive trust and deep listening. Most of the tracks on the album  came together with little or no planning or rehearsal. Musicians from different generations, cultures and traditions finding a deep and natural connection through the medium of transcendental music of the heart.

Kindred Souls Recordings - Preview

Please follow this link to watch some beautiful videos created for several of the tracks from this album


  • 01 Astral Dawn - Adrian Freedman
  • 02 Mystic Flight - Adrian Freedman
  • 03 Peace Awakening - Adrian Freedman
  • 04 Alhuriya - Adrian Freedman
  • 05 April Fortune - Adrian Freedman
  • 06 Hijos Guerreros Do Sol - Adrian Freedman
  • 07 Nightingale Soul Call - Adrian Freedman
  • 08 Om Tryambakam - Adrian Freedman
  • 09 Desert Dream - Adrian Freedman
  • 10 Deep Space Blue - Adrian Freedman
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New single ‘Astral Dawn’ is the first release from the Kindred Souls album

Combining stunning guitar melodies with floating vocal harmonies, ‘Astral Dawn’ is an uplifting medicine song with a lyrical message about staying positive in troubled times:

On this track Adrian is joined by the beautiful voices of Ayla Schafer and Susie Ro, the glittering sounds of the African kora, played by Ravi Freeman, the bubbling rhythms of the Indian dholak drum played by Arjun Magee, and by the sonorous tones of jazz double bassist Misha Mullov-Abbado.

Listen Here

New single ‘Nightingale Soul Call ’ is the second release from the Kindred Souls album

Recorded in the middle of the night live in the English woodland, ‘Nightingale Soul Call’ expresses a suspended moment in time in which Adrian Freedman’s Shakuhachi flute met the nightingale, and together with Sam Lee on the shruti box, a meeting of kindred souls took place.

The Nightingale with his stunning song reveals his true mastery in the space between the notes of his melody. Decorating and shaping the silence with his soul call.

Listen Here