Lua Maria and Adrian Freedman began collaborating on song arrangements and flute duets in 2011, culminating in the beautiful album The Phoenix Tree, featuring shakuhachi and Native American flute as well as guitar, charango, percussion and voice.

Originally the idea was simply for Adrian to record some of Lua’s songs and to add some shakuhachi parts here and there. However their initial meeting grew into a shared musical journey as the arrangements for the songs developed, and they discovered the perfect combination of Lua’s Native American flute and Adrian’s shakuhachi. The resulting album became a joint project with the flute duets weaving in and out of the songs, and with one of Adrian’s songs incorporated in the mix, in a new interpretation sung by Lua.

“For me the song of the Native American-style flute is a direct connection to the nature spirits. It was a delight to collaborate with Adrian, weaving flute sounds of the West with the ancient, peace-bringing sounds of the shakuhachi from the East.

I sing for the healing & joy of the beings of Beloved Mother Earth, and to give thanks to her for all she gives us and the Great Mystery of Life. To sing is to pray. It is my way of giving thanks and offering back to life. I sing the songs I am given from the wind, the trees and rocks when I walk alone in Nature. I sing them as a healing tool to connect us back to our True Nature.”

Lua Maria


“The Japanese shakuhachi has a profound quality of stillness. Its melodies are comprised of very long, sustained notes and phrases. The Native American Indian flute has a sweetness about its tone, and an animated spirit in its bubbling melodies. Together the two flutes evoke strong feelings of nature, of space, of peace and of the soaring spirit.”

Adrian Freedman

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Lua Maria, frame drum. Image Supplied by the musician
Lua Maria, guitar. Image Supplied by the musician Projects

The Phoenix Tree

A collaboration with singer-songwriter Lua Maria.

Evocative duets for shakuhachi and Native American Indian flute, together with acoustic arrangements of original songs by Lua Maria and Adrian.

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