The Two Rivers project is an acoustic duo with Ravi Freeman, who plays the West African kora and open-tuned steel string guitar. Ravi also plays the Bulgarian kaval flute and is an accomplished throat singer.

In the Two Rivers duo Adrian plays shakuhachi as well as Celtic low whistle, oktav-guitar and Japanese koto (horizontal zither). Both musicians also play a variety of percussion.

The kora has an ethereal, other-worldly sound, full of subtle overtones and polyrhythms, in many ways the perfect complement to the simple sustained tones of the shakuhachi.

Ravi and Adrian share a musical vision of exquisitely crafted sound, giving space for the subtle characteristics of silence within the music.

Ravi was one of the first Western kora players to take the kora into new musical areas such as jazz and fusion. He has released more than 20 albums including work with Nigel Kennedy, Babba Maal, Dr John, Deva Premal and many others.

Ravi and Adrian sometimes perform as an expanded ensemble with other musicians such as Asha McCarthy (cello), Tom Simenauer (tabla), Carrie Tree (voice), Jason Kalidas (bansuri) and Rowan Sterk (percussion).

Two Rivers

A suite of new music for shakuhachi, kora, guitar, overtone singing, koto and percussion.

Two Rivers with guests Asha MacCarthy and Carrie Tree