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Deep Space Blue – Nils Olav Remix

Deep Space Blue – Nils Olav Remix     “My musical world enters new horizons as Nils Olav releases his electronic dance remix of the acoustic track Deep Space Blue from the Kindred Souls album. I must confess I have mixed feelings about electronic music – I spent some time in the 90’s getting deeply […]

Deep Echoes of Stillness

  Deep Echoes of Stillness originated with a commission I was given by Richard Rudd from the Gene Keys project. I composed and recorded the original piece for solo shakuhachi, and this can be heard on the Zen Stillness Music Set for Yoga and Relaxation. I later came back to the piece and created a […]

What Is The Zen Heart?

  Zen is defined by a heightened sense of Presence. An awareness of life unhindered by fixed, limited or conditioned thoughts and feelings, but rather an intuitive, meditative flow that is open to the infinite flux of consciousness.   This allows an experience of life that is both full and empty at the same time.  […]