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What Is The Zen Heart?

  Zen is defined by a heightened sense of Presence. An awareness of life unhindered by fixed, limited or conditioned thoughts and feelings, but rather an intuitive, meditative flow that is open to the infinite flux of consciousness.   This allows an experience of life that is both full and empty at the same time.  […]

Fresh Encounters with Kindred Souls – Betina Maureenji

Fresh Encounters with Kindred Souls – Betina Maureenji The Kindred Souls album, released on 18/06/21, features intuitive musical encounters between 20 international musicians and Adrian, recorded on his travels around the world. This series of magical encounters continues in an open ended flow, as Adrian continues to weave his musical way with fresh kindred souls, […]

Zen Stillness

Deep yoga and meditation music for solo shakuhachi flute 尺八, composed and performed by Adrian Freedman – gentle reflections of the heart, with echoes of silence and vibrations of universal consciousness for relaxation. Zen Stillness is a 90-minute set of new music, played on shakuhachi flute – spacious, and calming, designed for yoga practice, meditation […]